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March 2011
For easy listening, I have added a flash mp3 player to my website.
You'll find it on the Music Player page - see the menu on the left.

Feb 2011
February means FAWM, so once again I launched myself into a
frenzy of songwriting and recording. This year I managed to
notch up 16 new songs which you can listen to on my FAWM page.

Feb 2011
The latest addition to my collection of instruments is a rather
gorgeous little Regal tenor guitar. It was an Ebay purchase
from the USA and I think it dates from the 1930s. Apart from a
couple of small scuffs on the side of the body it's in pretty good
condition. To give you an idea of its size, it's pictured here with
my 1949 Gibson LG2.

regal tenor gibson lg2

June 2010
Ghostwriter's album has been released by Second Language Music.
The album's called "The Continuing Adventures Of The Strange
Sound Association" and you can listen to selected tracks on the
Ghostwriter Myspace page.

Feb 2010
I only managed to make it to 8 songs at this year's FAWM, due to time
pressure elsewhere. You can listen to the tracks on my FAWM page.
Hopefully next year I'll make it to the full 14.

Sept 2009
The Strange Sounds Orchestra name has now been put to bed and in
its place comes Ghostwriter. Still at the helm is Mark Brend with
several contributions from yours truly (amongst several others).
Find out more about Ghostwriter and listen to some music at the
Ghostwriter Myspace page.

June 2009
Recording and mixing for the next Strange Sounds Orchestra project
is now complete. This long distance collaboration with Mark Brend
will hopefully see the light of day later this year. Were hoping to get
ome interest from Static Caravan Records who released the last
SSO material.

May 2009
Post-FAWM burnout has kept me from writing and recording for a
while. I have however, acquired a rather dinky Guild F20 acoustic
guitar from Ebay. It's in great condition and is a joy to play.


Feb 2009
I decided to participate in FAWM again this year and managed to notch
up 15 tunes - a mix of instrumentals and songs. You can listen to them
all on my FAWM page.

Oct 2008
I pipped 1st spot in the October KVR contest with Bad Blood. The theme
was ROCK!

Oct 2008
After lurking around the Song Fight website for a while I finally entered
my first weekly contest. I chalked up a joint 2nd place, so I'm quite
chuffed with that.
You can find the song "Scary Thing" on my Listen page.

Feb 2008
For February's KVR Monthly Contest, Me109 recorded a great
cover version of The Fall in spanish. Listen to it HERE

Feb 2008
This year I decided to enter into the FAWM songwriting challenge.
What's FAWM I hear you ask?
...find out more on my FAWM page.

Jan 2008
I'm collaborating again with Mark Brend, reviving the Strange
Sounds Orchestra.
We previously worked together producing an EP in 2006.
This new project is themed around famous literary figures and
involves music and spoken word.
We hope to have a Strange Sounds Orchestra website up and
running sometime later this year.

Dec 2007
I have a new addition to my collection of instruments....
A 1965 Framus "Television" 5/118-54.
It's in fantastic condition and has a great action and wonderful
vintage sound. It even has the original case.
It's got a string dampener on the bridge and that great tremelo arm.
Haven't quite worked out what the 5 small switches on the top
scratchplate do yet though.
To hear it in action, listen to Fink, a short demo track I knocked up.

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