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FAWM is an acronym for February Album Writing Month.
It's an internet based challenge to compose 14 (or more) original
songs in the 28 days of February.
Find out more at the FAWM website.

FAWM 2011
it doesn't take a genius (2.35) mp3
lets have a party on the circle line (3.07) mp3
nigger in the woodpile (3.40) mp3
inside out (3.44) mp3
500 friends (3.17) mp3
now thats what i call elevator music (1.26) mp3
dad dancing (3.15) mp3
number 19 (3.54) mp3
automatic love (2.52) mp3
lover again (2.52) (with phil norman) mp3
hey joel (4.06) (with joel!) mp3
pub crawl (2.16) mp3
our love will go on and on (3.02) mp3
empires of the past (2.42) mp3
concrete universe (3.17) mp3
as the world evolves (3.56) mp3

FAWM 2010
don't stop (1.51) mp3
beautiful grief (3.15) mp3
mr average (3.36) mp3
last subway token (3.47) (with phil norman) mp3
always (2.50) (with tim bracken) mp3
hey emo-kid why so sad? (3.23) mp3
(lets do the) zombie walk (3.19) mp3
constantine (3.27) mp3

FAWM 2009
the wobble hypothesis (1.28) mp3
you suck at photoshop (2.40) mp3
the unbearable lightness of beekeeping (2.14) mp3
old dog-earred photograph (2.36) mp3
patrice (2.53) mp3
accidental holiday (2.45) mp3
isle of thorns (2.51) mp3
return of the lonely goatherd (2.58) mp3
mokey rock (2.00) mp3
scopitone (1.36) mp3
the man with impossible hair (3.10) mp3
break some bones (2.59) mp3
diamond mining (3.25) mp3
there's no more time (3.15) mp3
you and me at the bottom of the sea (1.53) mp3

FAWM 2008
tour de bicyclette (2.11) mp3
candy coated pack of lies (2.22) mp3
they're all so beautiful (3.37) mp3
a letter from nigeria (4.13) mp3
return ticket to palookaville (2.47) mp3
my precious baby (2.23) mp3
tuesday (1.41) mp3
the fabric (2.17) mp3
you improve (2.30) mp3
the pig of lovliness (3.01) mp3
tell me what is love (2.07) mp3
why? (3.13) mp3
and the starlight (3.03) mp3
your logical heart (2.37) mp3
skylon (2.43) mp3

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